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Trofix Business Card design

Trofix, LLC. is a fantastic new start-up that not only offers plant seeds for purchase online, but delivers an entire culture that’s been built to help teach, encourage, and support people in growing their own food and herbs. Having a (very amateur) interest in horticulture myself, I was incredibly excited to be able to work with the founder, Phill Anton, on a new business card design – specially focused on getting the most out of his networking opportunities. 

I began playing with different ideas, using his tagline, “Grow Something Awesome.” I knew he also wanted a clean look that allowed for him to be able to write notes to people whom he would be giving them out. Using the growing concept, I did a few mockups and worked on locking down the typography. I chose a font that complemented his logo, website, and identity of his business, Exo, which is also open-source and free.

After the the first round of revisions, I decided to take the design in a different direction, as I was sensing Phill wanted to move toward a more organic feel. In a conversation with him late at night, I remembered him mentioning how he loves the beauty of leaf venation - the little lines in a leaf that make unique patterns. After searching through many stock photos of leaves, I tried a few on for size and started to hone in on a look. I also tried a textured background with hemp as well, but we needed something a bit brighter that would push the brand. 

The final design encompasses both elements - organic and sleek/professional. It needed to deliver information like a website and yet convey the exciting nature of the company (pardon my pun). It features a clean layout and typography combined with a subtle text effect on the slogan, and an overlain logo letting the leaf texture show through.


May 16th, 2015 
Branding & Identity

trofix Seeds