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E-juice product virtual for Cerberus
E-juice product virtual for Harpy
E-juice product virtual for Mephisto
E-juice logo mockup for Monster Mixes

Monster mixes brand design

I was approached to design a logo and labels for an up and coming maker of e-juice (used in e-cigarettes and vaporizers). I not only created a logo and labels but an entire visual system to help represent the brand in a consistent and appealing way to their target audience. The vaping scene is much like the skateboard scene in the way the demographic craves engaging and edgy imagery. It is also a challenge to design a brand that will stand out on a shelf along with hundreds of other little bottles, but also fit the context of a large poster in stores and online.

I went with a tablet-drawn logo hinting at an eye of a monster. I had to avoid both Monster Energy® and Disney's Monsters Inc.© while still incorporating some element of the vague ‘monster’ idea. After quite a bit of research into what other vape and similar companies have done and some research on what constitutes a monster, I decided on the dragon’s eye. The eye is actually found in many illustrations of monsters, however, I feel that the dragon is the most well known and feared of monsters and this would be an excellent element for brand recognition. 

I wanted a rough, scratchy, almost scaly appearance to the brand and thus there are few straight lines, rather rough borders and hand-drawn names. For the labels I had to incorporate this look into a minimalist design, as I find many e-juice bottles to be too busy. I went with a gold substrate to add some pop on the shelves, but let the logo sit on clean white, allowing for brand recognition, and giving room for the flavor color to peak from the sides. 

Finally, I decided to use just the eye separate from the logo in specific places where the name is already displayed (web mostly), in order to trick the eye into feeling the art instead of resisting a brand or advertising.


June 7, 2015 
Branding & Identity

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